Running facts of Interest

When writing my last blog on starting a running habit. I ran across interesting running facts that seemed pretty cool that may give you some insight on say your own running.

· Distance runners are prone to “dead butt syndrome” — inflammation of the tendons in a person’s rear end.

1) Adding in walks within non running rest period time helps

2) Remember to stretch your hip flexors & glutes

3) Avoiding elevators & taking stairs can help to increase blood flow

· Some ultra-runners may develop what is known as “runner’s face.” This is when a runner burns off too much fat from their face too quickly, creating a “Skeletor” appearance.

1)A healthy balanced diet avoiding traditional low fat meals in small amounts helps to protect face & your hair

2)protective clothing for your skin & SPF(sun protective factor) of 15 or higher with UVA & UVB applied help

· Runners replace their running shoes every 300–500 miles (483–805 km). If a person wears their running shoes for every-day use, the shoes will last only around 200 miles.

1)To avoid this keep you running shoes separate from your everyday shoes to get the most mileage out of them. I personally like Adidas for running shoes & Reeboks for when I’m out & about


Be prepared to replace your shoes more often

These facts could help you in your own running in how you approach it

Got any running facts you wanna share that aren’t on this list leave a comment & share this with anyone you think will enjoy this list. For anyone curious on how to get into running my last blog on how to start a running habit is attached here for you



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