Imagination Ignition

Jonathan Julien
2 min readJun 15, 2021

Your imagination is a talent that belongs to only you. But just like any talent you got to give it a share of time to develop. Your own imagination is a talent that is inside your own mind, whenever you want it.

Here’s a specific exercise I like to use to practice my imagination.

Step 1) Prepare with some deep breaths.

Just take some deep breaths in through the nose out through the mouth. 10 deep breaths in, 10 deep breaths out, and you should be relaxed and ready to start.

Step 2) Take out a pen and blank page in your notebook.

I like using a Bic ballpoint pen and a Moleskine notebook….but really any writing tool and any piece of paper will work. You can even do this online with a Google Doc, but I prefer to keep it real with a physical act of writing.

Step 3) Choose one of these prompts:

• How else can I look at this issue?

• What other options do I have?

• If I had to solve the problem in one hour, how would I do that?

• How would (person I respect and admire) deal with this issue?

* What’s the worst case scenario?

* What’s the best case scenario?

* What happens if I don’t address it?

* How can i handle this in a way that’ll make ME proud?

* ___

* ___

* ___

Step 4) Set a timer for 30 minutes and start writing!

You could write a paragraph or a short story — the length doesn’t matter. Just stay creative for 30 minutes and don’t worry about making it perfect.

If there was a way for you to get new ideas from yourself for those slumps, to hit problems from a way that is different & needed. Even a way to look at your life from a totally new view from your own creativity starting from your imagination.

Exploring new ways to experience and see old scenarios opens your mind and makes room for imagination to infuse your thoughts.

Today, ideally right after reading this, start with some time away & deep breaths to let your imagination start-up & ignite. There are many ways to ignite your talented imagination. A good start is to take a little time away from the routines of life and let your mind wander toward the path of creativity and insight.